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Does it cost anything to sign up for deals?

Deals By Me, is absolutley Free (yes, we can rap)! Thanks to our generous advertisers, this service is free to you, the awesome consumer. Enjoy and please support local! 

What if the deals listed on the website aren’t valid?

We encourage all of our partners to give us the most updated deals, hours and specials that they have. Is there 100% accuracy, no. Are we really, really close – 100% yes. We do our best to promote what is listed and will do our best to stay as accurate as possible. 

I’m a business and want to update my listings/information?

Fantastic! Please email all of your updates to [email protected] and we will update right away. Make sure you check all of the categories you are listed in. Also, please send or message us any photos you have of new products, dishes, drinks, etc. We are here to promote and keep you busy, so the more info the better. 

Why isn’t my business listed?

Nothing personal, it could be a number of things. Maybe we couldn’t find anything listed online, your stuff is outdated or we don’t have your category listed…yet! In any case, please email us at [email protected] and we can get discuss your options. 

I want to advertise because Deals By Me is AWESOME!

Thank you, future advertiser! We appreciate the support and so does the thousands of future customers you will have. We have tons of options for you to get involved, but they sell out quickly. Please email [email protected] and we will get you a proposal right away. 

Why sign up for the email blast and Facebook Group?

The email blast and private Facebook Group will have different and better offers than the public Facebook page and website itself. You’ll be able to get most of the deals either way you go, but if you want the “top shelf” deals, sign up below!

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